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    Fanfiction Rules

    Post  Faust on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:57 am

    Please follow these guidelines when posting Fanfictions.

    1. Do not make individual threads for your fanfictions, please keep them contained in their own posts.

    2. Please follow the common rules of grammar and English when writing.

    3. This is for Fanfictions, Articles do not go here, Roleplays have their own forum.

    4. Keep all content safe for work/school as some school/workplace IT technicians may manually review sites visited.

    5. You must include a disclaimer Example: "I Do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!" otherwise your thread will be closed or your content removed. Continual ignorance of this rule may result in you being forbidden from posting here.

    6. When reviewing a Fanfiction please be constructively critical; no flaming allowed.

    7. Staff reserve the right to remove any content or close any threads that we feel are inappropriate.

    Please respect the rules and have fun!

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