How to Post: Tips & Rules


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    How to Post: Tips & Rules

    Post  Tantara on Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:29 pm

    This section is designated to the betterment of decks. This is where you can post your deck and receive help and imput from the other members as well as help the decks of other members. If you're helping another member's deck, please make sure that you explain your fixes.
    This section is also for discussing a certain deck, and making it as best as possible.

    To make this section as orderly as possible, please post your deck in this form: (for the banlist, go to Metagame forum)

    -Deck Title- (total)(you can put it in bold if you want, and even center it)

    Monsters - (total)(color is recommended: brown for effect monsters and yellow for normal monsters)
    3x @@@
    Spells - (total)(color: green or dark green)
    3x @@@
    Traps - (total)(color: pink)
    3x @@@
    Extra - (total)(color: kind of beige)
    3x @@@
    Side - (total)(color: anything you want besides those you used before)
    3x @@@

    NOTE: the colors stated before are the default colors to use for cards, example on how to put a color code: (without the *)
    Monsters - 20
    [*color=brown]3x Kurbioh
    3x Winged Kurbioh[color]

    Strategy is also recommended for better understanding of the deck, if you wish, you can post card explanations as well.

    PM me for help, good luck! - Tantara

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    Re: How to Post: Tips & Rules

    Post  Blackwingggys on Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:46 pm

    Keep in Mind we also have a few deck builders here and there names are listed
    1. Faust
    2. DemonGodasura
    3. Blackwingggys *head deck builder*

    Template *this is how you make deck requests*
    Deck type: this is were you put what your deck is about
    Format: advanced,traditional,no format
    Cards:which cards you wanna use
    extra: any extra cards or cards to go in the extra deck

    keep in mind these rules

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