How to Ask for a Ruling, and How to Answer One


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    How to Ask for a Ruling, and How to Answer One

    Post  DemonGodAsura on Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:38 pm

    To ask for a ruling, simply start a new thread, with the topic containing a few words describing the question you would like answered. Ex: Stardust Dragon vs Divine Wrath or Debris Dragon's Summoning Effect.

    Questions that are situational should be similar to this; Ex: "Gorz vs Bottomless" - "I attacked, and after the Damage Calculation, my opponent Summoned Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness. Can I use Bottomless Trap Hole?"

    However, for questions on cards that aren't situational, please do not include "vs" in the title, such as "Debris Dragon's Summoning Effect" or "Dark Armed Dragon's Effect"

    Other people will be able to answer your question, but a mod may remove any false information or any remarks that are deemed rude. Don't be afraid to ask, the game is full of many rules, and we would like to help you get to know the ones you are unfamiliar with. While answering, please be respectful and courteous, even if it is a question that may seem easy, some people are new to the game.

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