Deck Section Proposal



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    Deck Section Proposal

    Post  ArmasVIII on Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:52 pm

    I feel an addendum can be made to the various deck-related articles by way of a brief interview with an adept user of the deck type in question. For example, if Tantara were to publish an article concerning the "Blackwing" archetype, it would, in accordance with my suggestion, conclude with a Blackwingggys/Tantara Q&A section. Ideally, such an addition would reveal the private intricacies of such a deck and the personal experiences one (Blackwingggys) has while utilizing it, which may give the overall publication a more professional and intimate nature.

    Your thoughts?

    Edit: My apologies, I failed to notice the "General Ideas" forum in which this topic belongs. Could a mod kindly relocate this post for me?

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    Re: Deck Section Proposal

    Post  Blackwingggys on Tue Sep 15, 2009 6:28 pm

    1. i dont get what the heck you just said
    2. i just made a public deck build 1 st week blackwings 2nd week glads

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    Re: Deck Section Proposal

    Post  Hydronic on Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:59 am

    Black that's my idea, you can't just steal it. Its in the basket in the moment, i'll see what i will do later DX

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    Re: Deck Section Proposal

    Post  Pokefan362 on Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:18 pm

    Speaking of guides, is there a forum where I can make a Morphtronic deck? I haven't seen any around, and I feel I have enough experience with them to make a guide about them. Of course, others will contribute to them too.

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    Re: Deck Section Proposal

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