General Rules & Sanctions


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    General Rules & Sanctions

    Post  Hydronic on Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:32 pm

    1/Spamming: It's the action of sending messages that are smiley-only and non-related to the topic, a,d it's also bumping an old topic with no reason. Spamming is not allowed, if you spam, you will be warned and if you don't stop, you will be banned for a certain amount of time determined by "how" you spammed.
    2/Flooding: Similar to Spam, but can be identified for the purpose of getting quickly a higher rank. Flood is double-messaging, and not using the "edit" function. Flood is also not allowed, "Spam" sanctions apply here too.
    3/Flaming: It's the action of either insulting, being racist or hostile, or sending offensive messages to a member (threats count too). Flaming is not allowed, if you flam, you will be given a strict and clear warning. If you continue flaming you will be banned.
    4/Adult Content: No pornography or sexual content is allowed. This leads directly to a ban.
    5/Illegal Content: Serials, copyright infringement, piracy, keygen etc.. Leads also to a direct ban.
    6/Language: Only English language is allowed. SMS language is strictly forbidden. Capitals and punctuation should be respected. This leads to warnings, but never bans.

    II-Sanctions Explanations:
    1/Warning: You get a PM telling you what you have done wrong, and warning you to not do it next time.
    2/Ban: You cannot access the forum in a certain amount of time (determined by "how" you violated the rules as stated before).

    PS: We don't believe in Permanent Ban. You always get second chances. Smile

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